Why f-commerce failed?

facebook commerce
The Facebook commerce is a great tool for marketing of your ecommerce or shopping store. F-Commerce is more popular as compared to the leading storefront providers, eBay Stores and Amazon Web store. Facebook is also an important part of social media optimization and marketing. It uses FBML language for designing and developing a store of your choice in Facebook. There are many Facebook applications for ecommerce available online that can be installed to get more engagements directly from your store using your Facebook friends.

Nearly 700 millions of people in Facebook itself and if you want your facebook store to be noticed, you should come up with a nice looking store design to Facebook.

After all having all such benefits, Can anyone miss the chance to have their own F-commerce store? Not at all! But, the fact is that it’s failed. Next couple of paragraph will give you some more idea on Facebook.

Facebook Store
Forced to give up their f-shops failing to have been able to generate the expected results, great names in US e-commerce industry have recently clashed with the vagaries of the new social wave that affects the online business. According to reports from Bloomberg, the first generation of signs to have tested the online shops directly incorporated with their fan pages have suffered a total flop.

A situation which, despite being the result of a first attempt, called social media analysts and consultants to review their forecasts regarding the future of f-commerce, and of course the failure.

This suggests that the difficulty to hang the network members have been mainly related to the approach used. Indeed, doing business on a social network, here in this case Facebook does is to reproduce the experiment as is proposed on its website. The social-commerce is not limited either to integrate its catalog to its fan page, that is to resolve to introduce a commercial approach within a social network, but to reflect on the real value added that contact point could be made.

An ill-conceived adaptation, due to a lack of experience and perspective in certain would be the cause of this essay almost stillborn for retailers concerned.

Especially, as Facebook has not really a gift for inspiring confidence with all the problems it generates about privacy of personal data. Not to mention the interface so far is not necessarily appropriate (banners, small space, time of relatively slow loading pages, etc.).

To date, the network seems especially appropriate as a medium for sales support, to talk about their products and benefit from the experiences of consumers.

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