Increase traffic to your store with Google Product Search

Online retailers, merchants, sellers, ecommerce store owners - attention please!
Do you have thousands of products in your stores? Are you worrying astir to sell them across the web? I am sure; many of you have been disappointed through poor online marketing and SEO activities, and even if they have been worked, it assists you to just getting traffic for limited products only. Numerous products are still impending in your stores, which have no visits at all.  So, what will be the solution? How to get traffic and sales for those products will be the main concerns for the sellers.
Yes, you come to the right place, and time. The solution is Google product search engine, which helps shoppers find and buy products across the web. As a seller, you can submit your products to Google Product Search, allowing shoppers to quickly and easily find your site.
Ok, where do you find Google product search? Just navigate through ( For an instance, search “alain mikli eyewear” without quotes. Let’s find this, “shopping results for alain mikli eyewear” on Google SERP page.This could be something like,
Please note that the “shopping results” may only display the products on, depending on your items' relevance.
It will be easier to understand if you navigate though one of the products under the shopping results. Let’s go for the first one. Now, you are on the “shopping results” page. This page will display all the products similar to the query.
Now, click on one of these products, which will take you to the - “Google Product Search” page. You can compare product prices; find all online stores selling the same products, list of other related products and some more details of this product. You can even filter, which store is offering a free shipping.
Let’s quickly go through the benefits of submitting products:
  • Inclusion of your products is completely free.
  • It helps shoppers find and buy products across the web.
  • It connects your products to the shoppers.
  • Helping you drive traffic and sales.
  • Depending on relevancy your product may appear on
How to submit products to Google Shopping:
Google currently offers two main options to submit your products information.
Data feed: Create an XML or a single tab-delimited text data feed, which contains all the product information, which are mandatory and recommended by the Google. You can send them through Google Merchant Centre account, or by using FTP.
API: Learn more about using the Content API for shopping here.